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October 2002, Herrbrugg Culture Night, Heerbrugg, Switzerland

"Cultural Experience of a Special Kind" wrote the Unteres Rheintal newspaper, referring to the second "Culture Night" organized by the local church choir. Different artists, from painters to sculpturers and musicians and writers were invited to this colorful local event.

In his opening speech, president Martin Pozivil expressed his hope of "building bridges" between the works and performances of the invited artists and the assembled visitors. The event was well received and attended, with guests enjoying a lively and varied program.

Apart from featuring works by paga d'ache, the Culture Night highlighted paintings by I Tekenbroek, D Stiefel, B Frei-Baer and R Erat as well as sculptures by J Jenny. Musical performances included "Bliss", "Jazz No Problem Prag" and Singing Souls".

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